True-2-Truman with a Hershey Twist…

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” Harry S. Truman, our 33rd President.

At GTP Corporation and SKUpics Studios, LLC, we tweaked Mr. Truman’s wise words just a smidge.

“We do the work, our clients take the credit.”

GTP Corporation is a contract imaging and photography vendor with thirty years of expertise serving amusement parks, hotels, visitor centers, ski areas, and other attractions. As such, our management and employees are perceived by our customers to be the employees of our clients and hosts. We’re the guests in our clients’ houses, and we act accordingly. No feet on the sofa!

The single greatest compliment we can ever receive is when a visitor to one of the locations we serve posts positive comments on TripAdvisor, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. about the exceptional service, quality photos, and digital products they received.

SKUpics Studios, LLC, is our full-service product photography company. At SKUpics, we’re gratified when we see the high-quality images we produce for our clients stand out and sell briskly on Amazon, Google,, on their web sites, catalogs and print materials.

Our companies have always subscribed to an important tenet of Mr. Milton S. Hershey, founder of the Hershey Chocolate Company, in Hershey, Pennsylvania, one of our many valued corporate clients. Mr. Hershey said, “Give them quality, that’s the best kind of advertising in the world.”

Give your clients and their customers quality and give your clients the credit, too.

-Tony Sinkosky
President & CEO

The Get The Picture Corporation Team

OK, that was a cheap attention-getting device!

But, if Sunday Morning, the popular news magazine on CBS, and it’s pictured host, Charles Osgood, had indeed done a piece on Get The Picture Corporation, surely they would have focused on an almost unheard aspect of our business; the longevity of our shareholder management team.

Of GTP Corp’s eight full-time executives, six started out as summer employees in their early teens at various amusement parks in the eighties. Five went off to college, and one served in the US Navy. They all returned for various reasons; one being that GTP cares about its employees.

Fast forwarding to today, one is now our COO, two are VP’s, one’s our GM, another an assistant GM, and another is our Director of Marketing (one we stole from a competitor… ssshhhhh.) Lastly, another came to GTP from that giant copier company beginning with the letter “X”.

All are all-around great people which is what makes our company so successful. Caring, committed people make for successful, caring committed companies, like Get The Picture Corporation.

When The Cloud Shuts Down

S3 Is Down” is never something any IT manager expected to hear but, on February 28, that is exactly what happened, turning the day into an interesting–and unplanned–test of our core infrastructure.

Over the past several years, we have moved more and more of our critical GTP and SKUpics infrastructure to AWS which has enabled us to rapidly scale and offer high-availability services. Fortunately we still prioritize on-site and redundant assets meaning that our companies can weather a storm, even one as big as “the cloud” shutting down.

While some customer services were affected for a few hours, GTP’s on-site customer-facing systems across the country remained functional throughout the outage and handled the Amazon failure in stride, properly caching and recovering following the AWS restoration.

At SKUpics, we were able to lean on our software’s proprietary “offline mode,” a capability designed to allow us to be fully operational in difficult shooting environments where network and power–or “the cloud”–are not always present.

Between our support team monitoring and responding to the event in Hershey, PA and our fault-tolerant on-site infrastructure, “The Day S3 Went Down” will be little more than a blip on our radar. Because of information we learned from how our systems responded to the outage, we’ll be able to mitigate future disruptions even further, making for an even stronger GTP and SKUpics.

The cloud may have shut down, but it’s always sunny at GTP and SKUpics!

Be sure to check out the full postmortem of the S3 event from Amazon.

GTP Proud to Support the Hershey Half Marathon and CMN

GTP is proud to support the Hershey Half Marathon and Children’s Miracle Network as the official event photographer! Our team of over a dozen photographers and coders captured, cataloged and uploaded over 37,000 photos of today’s event into almost 5,000 galleries.

We were at the first Hershey Half Marathon 7 years ago and every one since. This event and the Hershey 10k are a bit of a departure from our normal day-to-day amusement photography business but it is undergirded by our quality staff and cloud-based image engine capable of processing millions of photos daily from our attractions around the world.

We sometimes think of the Hershey Half Marathon as the marathon of event photography, often involving dozens of photographers, weeks of planning and impressive amounts of processing capacity, but we still have to tip our hats to the runners; you’re the real star of the show–thank you for running!

GTP Expands Internationally


GTP was pleased to open up our newest permanent international operation this week, adding a 4th country to GTP’s portfolio. As of June, we operate in 12 states spread throughout 4 countries. We have always placed a high priority on conservative organic growth so that we can continue to provide the high level of service that all of our clients deserve.

Introducing CamLNX™


We are prod to introduce our CamLNX™ line of camera connectivity products.  Our CamLNX™ wireless transmitters do one job and they do them well: connect CamLNX™ to your camera and pictures will be transferred automatically into any GTP photo system via our OPS cloud. Perfect for using a DSLR with a GTP PerfectProduct® system, for a lightweight photo system (possibly even one without ANY computers on-site!) or for a full traditional GTP walkaround photo opportunity.

CamLNX™ also supports RFID tagging, automatic PhotoPass inclusion, remote triggering, employee displays and receipt printers.

Finally, a reliable way to get pictures from any camera to any customer wirelessly and instantly.