GTP Proud to Support the Hershey Half Marathon and CMN

GTP is proud to support the Hershey Half Marathon and Children’s Miracle Network as the official event photographer! Our team of over a dozen photographers and coders captured, cataloged and uploaded over 37,000 photos of today’s event into almost 5,000 galleries.

We were at the first Hershey Half Marathon 7 years ago and every one since. This event and the Hershey 10k are a bit of a departure from our normal day-to-day amusement photography business but it is undergirded by our quality staff and cloud-based image engine capable of processing millions of photos daily from our attractions around the world.

We sometimes think of the Hershey Half Marathon as the marathon of event photography, often involving dozens of photographers, weeks of planning and impressive amounts of processing capacity, but we still have to tip our hats to the runners; you’re the real star of the show–thank you for running!

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