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The Get The Picture Corporation Team

OK, that was a cheap attention-getting device!

But, if Sunday Morning, the popular news magazine on CBS, and it’s pictured host, Charles Osgood, had indeed done a piece on Get The Picture Corporation, surely they would have focused on an almost unheard aspect of our business; the longevity of our shareholder management team.

Of GTP Corp’s eight full-time executives, six started out as summer employees in their early teens at various amusement parks in the eighties. Five went off to college, and one served in the US Navy. They all returned for various reasons; one being that GTP cares about its employees.

Fast forwarding to today, one is now our COO, two are VP’s, one’s our GM, another an assistant GM, and another is our Director of Marketing (one we stole from a competitor… ssshhhhh.) Lastly, another came to GTP from that giant copier company beginning with the letter “X”.

All are all-around great people which is what makes our company so successful. Caring, committed people make for successful, caring committed companies, like Get The Picture Corporation.